How to Debug GA4 Implementation on Shopify Store for Accurate Data

How to Debug GA4 Implementation on Shopify Store for Accurate Data

Debug GA4 on Shopify Store is critical to ensure the GA4 setup is complete. This article assumes that GA4 is already implemented on Shopify Store. There are different ways of implementing GA4 on your store (via app, using std. Google Youtube Channel or using Tag Manager).

Incase you haven't installed GA4 yet on your Shopify Store, you can go through this article How to Install GA4 On Shopify Store .

As you have installed GA4 on your shopify store you want to check whether all the events are coming in properly or not.

Two main things are important to check the complete implementation -

  1. Checking the basic GA4 events, standard events like page_view, scroll etc.
  2. Checking e-commerce events like add_to_cart, checkout_started, checkout_complete.

To do so we will need a tool  Tag Assistant for Conversion (Beta) chrome extension. This extension works only on Chrome Browser.

This method is a simple and accurate way of testing the GA4 events on Shopify Store.

How to install Tag Assistant for Conversion (Beta) chrome extension

Tag Assistant for Conversion (Beta)- This app is in beta version but is accurate

  1. Visit the URL
  2. Install this app on your chrome -
  1. Once the app is added to chrome it will show up in extensions section of the browser. You can pin it which will make the extension visible beside the URL bar, using the pin icon in front of the extension name.

Now you have the chrome extension installed and visible. You need to go to your store home page (<store-id> and click on the extension. Something as shown below will be visible to you.

Once you press Start, it will start showing a widget at the bottom left part of the page showing that it is tracking all the events sent to GA.

Now browse the website shopping experience flow one by one. Extension creates a report of all the events which are sent from the Shopify Store which can then be tested and debugged.

Video on Debugging GA4 Events on Shopify Store

For complete details please refer to the video below.

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